General Safari Packing List:

• Long sleeved lightweight shirt for protection from the sun
• Sweater / jacket and pants for cold temperatures experienced at night
• Hat
• Bathing suit (those staying in lodge/hotel with a swimming pool & would want to swim)
• Socks
• Belt
• Sandals for wear during safari
• Lightweight hiking shoes
• One nice pair of shoes
• Short pants
• Sunglasses
• Reading glasses (if you wear contacts bring glasses as it can be very dusty)
• Remember: Bring enough clothing for the entire safari as you may not have them washed (most lodges do offer laundry service)

Personal Items:
• Sleeping bag (if on a camping safari)
• Sunscreen / Sun block
• Lip sun block
• Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo
• Ziploc bags for camera and toiletries
• Ibuprofen
• Bug repellant

Other Items:
• Camera and film. 300 mm lens recommended. Bring plenty of film as you might not be able to find the desired speed or brand in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda). We recommend at least 3 rolls of film per day on safari.
• Extra camera batteries
• Flashlight
• Binoculars (each of our vehicles would normally have 1~2 binoculars)
• Locks for baggage
• Video camera
• Small gifts for Maasai children - pencils, pens
• Travelers checks or currency
• Wildlife guide books
• Small backpack
• Money belt
• Snacks

CAUTION - Zanzibar or Mombasa:
If going to Zanzibar, Mombasa or Lamu (East Africa beach towns), please be advised that those two places are of Muslim majority, and long dresses are strongly recommended. Try to avoid clothes that show much of your bodies, or “skin-tight" clothes unless you are at the beaches. Muslims are more often offended by seeing skimpy dressing.

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