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Tanzania is the largest country in Eastern Africa, and has an area of 937.062 Sq Km. Tanzania is home to one of Africa’s most magnificent game reserve and fabulous National Parks. The country is famously known as the “Cradle of mankind” for it is in Olduvai Gorge where the remains of Homo Habilis was found. It’s a multi ethnic state with a great variety of languages in the country and the main ones being English and Swahili.

Serengeti National Park
The largest National park in Tanzania. Its one of the most spectacular parks in the whole world. The name Serengeti is derived from the Maasai language meaning “Endless Plain”.
Every year more than one million wildebeest travel in long caravans across the plains looking better feeding grounds, followed by a large variety of other animals such as Zebra, Elands, Antelopes, Gazelles and many more not forgetting the hungry predators such as Lion and Hyena. You will find the Cheetah, Leopard and several cats watching the wandering game with interest. The Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo eat without fear of these predators.

Olduvai George locally called “Oldipai” a name given by the Maasai for the sisal growing in the gorge. This cradle of mankind lies on the short grass plains of the Serengeti. It is here that we find the archeological discoveries made long time ago by Dr. Louis and Mary Leakey including the Skull of hominoid, which is believed to be 1.75 million years old. Not only have fossils of Hominoid origin been founded but also fossils from prehistoric animals that lived around them. The latest and probably human fossils 302 bones and teeth belonging to a female some 1.8 million years old. Excavations still continue during dry season. There is a small museum at the gorge showing some of the finds. It is possible to enter the gorge with a special guide.

Lake Manyara National Park
The Park is fairly small compared to the Serengeti and covers some 330 sq. km. Out of which 230sq km is lake. A long its western borders is the Rift Valley’s Western wall. The park is famous for the birdlife, almost 400 different species also famous for the Elephant population and the tree-climbing Lions. There is also a large variety of tree species within the park not forgetting a number of Hippos.

Tarangire National Park
Covers some 2600 sq km. It is well known for herds of Elephant, Lion, Cheetah, Rhino and many varieties of antelope including the very rare Roan Antelope.

Arusha National Park
Covers 137 sq km. Arusha National Park is not large in area but the park contains a variety of landscape from a miniature volcano crater to mountain rain forests, on the trees of Mount Meru. A number of beautiful cool clear mountain water moving through the tree savanna to reach the Ngurdoto crater there are herds of water Buffalo, together with many game, including the rare Columbus apes. The park was well known in the 1950’s for several international films that were made there.
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Tanzania National Parks

Ngorongoro Crater
One of Natural’s wonders. The largest in tact crater in the world, covering 265 sq km, from the rim to the floor is 600 metres. With an abundance of wild game including Elephants, Rhino’s, Cheetahs, Lions, Leopards, Bushbucks, Elands, Waterbucks, serval Cats, Hyenas and wildebeest including a wide variety of Birds. Ngorongoro is a photographer’s paradise and an incredible scenic view you cannot afford to miss!